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Let’s get the definition of what microblading is, out of the way. Microblading is currenting trending having women and men of all ages in constant search of the perfect eyebrow, many techniques different type of microblading techniques have taken over as the brow-optimizing fad of the day. But if you’ve been lucky enough to find the best face-flattering shape for you and you’re bent on sticking with it, then microblading may just be the eyebrow-shaping solution you’ve been hoping for.

Microblading also known as feather touch, semi-permanent makeup or eyebrows, hair simulation or hair-like strokes is a procedure that can fully reconstruct, define, coverup gaps or fill-in over plucked eyebrows. Those who want just a slight change to their arches are also good candidates. The results are natural-looking, fuller and more well-defined eyebrows that lasts anything from 6-12/24months.  Microblading is form of cosmetic tattooing where pigment is manually deposited under the top layers of the skin with a manual tap(specialized) pen instead of using a rotary machine. The microblading technique involves drawing tiny induvial crisp hair strokes that are more natural looking than the tradition permanent makeup eyebrow.

This technique has been around for many years in areas such as Asia, Russia, and Europe. It has only become popular in South Africa in the past couple of years.  This technique has been around for only a few years (Since 2015) in South Africa and has taken its toll ever since.

The Microblading semi-permanent makeup technique of implanting pigment after the creation of fine crisp incisions in the epidermal tissue may date back thousands of years, but the trend and fashion towards using the technique for permanent eyebrows is thought to have emerged in the Southern and Northern parts of Asia within the last 25 years. Microblading semi-permanent makeup has become the most popular method of cosmetic eyebrow tattooing/ permanent eyebrows in Europe and the United States of America by 2015, and the new techniques such as 1D(different needle configurations), 3D, and 6D have developed 

Used in the last 5 years in South Africa. This Microblading semi-permanent makeup treatment was practiced in a different way many years again in other parts of the word. The procedure of microblading permanent eyebrows is fairly new to South Africa, though it is growing in popularity every day. With the application a tool that looks much like pen razor equipped with a series of microneedles(confugurated to form a small razor), your trained permanent makeup professional implants pigment into the skin, creating a skin-level look that fills in and shaping and measuring your eyebrows beautifully permanently. With today’s state-of-the-art iron oxide-based pigments, results are more natural than traditional eyebrow “tattooing”.

The Microblading service consists of two procedures which are scheduled between 4-8weeks apart of one another. The very first initial procedure takes about 2 1/2 hours with the longest part being the mapping and measuring of your eyebrows. This is to ensure that the permanent eyebrow we design for you is suited to your face accordingly to your face morphology. A second procedure is done 30 days(4-8weeks) later once the brows are completely healed. The ‘Second’ procedure (also known as the touch-up procedure) takes about 1 1/2 hours filling in gaps and correcting areas that faded most during the healing period.

What to expect from Trivine Permanent makeup.

Trivine Permanent makeup Microblading artist will begin each appointment by discussing their client’s desired appearance and ‘her perfect eyebrow’ before measuring and sketching out the placement of the eyebrows. Measuring the perfect eyebrow placement is a multi-step process that begins by determining the center of the face and the set of the client’s eyes. The starting point, arch, and ending point are determined by whether the eyes are normal, close-set, or wide-set.[8] The artist sketches out the full brow with the appropriate thickness and arch height to give the client a good idea of what the finished permanent eyebrows will look like and set the outline and the perimeter for the semi-permanent microblading. Another technique known as manual shading (Microshading or embroidery technique) can also be added to the microbladed eyebrows between the hair strokes to visually give the dimension of natural eyebrow thickness without any sharp contours on the permanent eyebrows. 

The microbladed technique is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo. Like all tattoos, microblading will most defnitely fade, depending on multiple factors, including quality of pigment/ink used, UV exposure, elements found in skincare products, medications. The treatment lasts anything from 6months to one/two years. A touch-up session is ‘a must’ 6 weeks after the first initial microblading semi-permanent procedure and it is adviceable to repeat a touchup procedure 

At Trivine permanent makeup salon, your microblading service will only be performed a qualified and skilled permanent eyebrow specialist and CPCP, SPCP and PCASA Accredited Permanent makeup artist, ensuring your safety and satisfaction, from your first experience and through every touch-up.

The Microblading semi-permanent procedures performed by our technicians who have completed a comprehensive course of instruction will minimize the risk of unwanted outcomes and client dissatisfaction.

vTake the frustration and effort out of trying to always perfect that eyebrow by scheduling your microblading appointment now. Offering a full consultation before the application, we ensure a beautiful, flattering look with Perfectly shade permanent eyebrows.

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