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Lené is permanent make-up artist, and her permanent make-up is very much different from the work of other permanent make-up specialists and artists! Lené has a huge passion for permanent make-up, and doing colour and structural corrections on clients. ​Her primary goal is to correct clients’ asymmetrical/uneven shapes and positioning of their facial features by re-designing her clients’ eyebrows in such a way that it would visually correct their faces by creating a visual illusion of their facial bones’ shapes and sizes. The size and the shape of her clients’ eyes and lips, the length of their noses, and even the distance between their eyes therefore appear very different than they actually are.

Her aim is to improve the overall appearance of each and every client that receives services from her. She achieves this by providing high-quality, safe and dependable services to them. Most of her clients are extremely selective people who would not trust their face to just anyone, and so they have spent years looking for the right person to do their permanent cosmetic procedures.

Permanent make-up is the best thing you can do for yourself and for your appearance. You must educate yourself about the permanent make-up procedures and how to find a reputable member of the SPCP (The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals). Invest your time in doing proper research for the best results that will protect you from ending up in the wrong hands and becoming a victim of poorly performed permanent make-up applications.

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