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About us

Who are we?

As permanent make-up artists at Trivine, our techniques distinguish us significantly from other permanent make-up artists. Particularly in the realm of PMU and Microblading. Transitioning into our role as Permanent Tattoo artists, we bring forth a profound passion. This Passion is for permanent makeup, permanent cosmetics, and cosmetic tattooing. Additionally, we excel in colour alterations and structural corrections for our clients.

Our overarching objective is to rectify asymmetrical or uneven eyebrow shapes and adjust the positioning of facial features. Through the artful process of redesigning eyebrows, we aim to visually correct the facial features, employing techniques that create a captivating illusion of altered facial bones’ shapes and sizes. Consequently, the apparent size and shape of our clients’ eyes and lips, the length of their noses, and even the distance between their eyes take on a visual distinctiveness that deviates from their actual physical attributes.

In our comprehensive training programs, we not only impart technical skills but also delve into the artistic nuances of permanent makeup. We are committed to nurturing the creative potential of aspiring artists, emphasizing the fusion of innovation and artistry. At Trivine, we redefine beauty, one stroke at a time, maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and client satisfaction.

Our Permanent makeup & Microblading Training programs are designed to impart not just technical permanent cosmetic skills, but also a deep understanding of the artistry behind permanent makeup. We believe in nurturing talent, empowering aspiring artists to unlock their creative potential. Additionally, upholding the highest standards of professionalism and client satisfaction.

Join us at Trivine, where innovation meets ar1tistry, and together, we redefine beauty, one stroke at a time.

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Our Vision

Our primary goal is to enhance the overall appearance of each client we serve through our premium services. We prioritize delivering high-quality, safe, and reliable solutions tailored to their needs. Our clientele comprises discerning individuals who meticulously choose trusted professionals for their permanent cosmetic procedures.

Investing in permanent make-up can significantly elevate your self-image and overall aesthetic. It’s crucial to educate yourself on permanent make-up procedures and seek out certified members of the SPCP (The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals). Thorough research is essential to safeguard yourself against subpar results and the risks associated with poorly executed permanent make-up applications.

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