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With Trivine Permanent Makeup Pty Ltd. Permanent makeup creates the illusion of a natural looking permanent eyebrow that doesn’t appear artificial or dramatic instead appearing more natural. Each Permanent eyebrow is 100% perfectly positioned on the orbital ridge according to the measurements of the morphology of the face. 

Each Permanent eyebrow are perfectly created with a lot of innovation through a series of symmetrical measurements, an eyebrow is than created with enthusiasm and artistry by making use of a wide variety of different permanent eyebrow pigment brown shades suiting each client’s natural hair, eyebrow hair colour and skin tone. Permanent eyebrows can be created in 3 different ways a powder effect (Shading or Ombré), three-dimensional hair stroke (hair simulation or Microblading) technique or High definition on powder or shaded permanent eyebrow with hair stroke technique which will improve the overall appearance of the permanent eyebrows which are framing the eyes beautifully (Hybird Permanent eyebrow)

A Professional permanent makeup artist can create the perfect set of permanent eyebrows to enhance the facial features and creating the illusion of fuller, well defined, thicker, dramatic eyebrows. Saving time and money on grooming, application of makeup and providing a younger looking youthful appearance through the emphasis of the eyes and the eyebrows

With Trivine Permanent Makeup we do offer u a free personal consultation with our Permanent makeup expert. Your custom permanent makeup appointment is designed to ensure you as the Client are put at ease during the procedure and are completely confident and comfort during the cosmetic procedure. Trivine Permanent makeup are using innovative equipment and tools, your permanent eyebrow makeup is applied with precise, cutting-edge techniques and with highly educated and mastered skill. Trivine Permanent Makeup are delivering incomparable results compare to any other, modern permanent makeup is much softer, elegant and more natural appearance than ever before. Drawing meticulously fine lines to mimic eyebrow hair, your permanent makeup professional builds and shapes your eyebrow to your exact specifications. Allowing our Trivine Permanent Makeup clients to feel more comfortable with their new natural appearance. Permanent eyebrows (Microblading to be more specific- semi permanent makeup) even out features by replacing hairless eyebrows, giving a healthier, more youthful, younger looking, more expressive appearance to any face.

A Microbladed eyebrow, Shadow or Ombré eyebrow provides you with a soft backdrop to your natural eyebrow by the natural enhancement of a permanent eyebrow. If you love the look of a full, powdered permanent eyebrow, then a Shadow eyebrow or Microbladed permanent eyebrow is for you. An Ombré permanent eyebrow is similar to a Shadow permanent eyebrow, but with the colour graduated from the front of the eyebrow to the tail.

Our knowledgeable technicians customize each procedure to you. Your artist carefully measures and maps out your eyebrows, so the end result perfectly suits your face. They’ll work with you to choose a pigment colour that works with your skin tone and hair colour. Throw away your eyebrow powder, pencils, and putties! You’ll wake up every morning with a beautifully framed face for the next 2-3 years.

As our permanent makeup artist keep on specializing in the creation and optimization of eyebrows, we’re proud to be recognized for our incomparable skills, as well as our superior customer service in satisfying our Clients. Trivine Permanent Makeup are driven to be the absolute best in Permanent makeup and permanent eyebrows in the Pretoria area. Trivine Permanent makeup adhere to an exceptional high standards of excellence in all that Trivine Permanent makeup do everyday. Trivine Permanent makeup understand the seriousness of permanent makeup and Microblading (semi-permanent makeup). Trivine Permanent Makeup handle all your questions and concerns with extreme care and consideration, never compromising our service, never cutting corners of any kind, ensuring your complete health, safety and total satisfaction.

Find out why so many of your friends and neighbours are choosing Trivine Permanent makeup for permanent makeup and permanent eyebrow application by scheduling your personal consultation now.


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