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Waxing is a temporary (non-permanent form) hair removal technique, wherein warm and cold wax (beeswax combination ingredients) are used to epilate the hair from the desired area. The hot or cold wax is then applied directly to the area and then pulled back in a 45degree angle. The unwanted hair is then pulled out along with the wax.

The most popular areas for waxing are eyebrows, upper lip, pubic area, back, arms, legs and underarms. However, any area on the body can be waxed.

Benefits of the hair removal technique compared to other hair removal techniques.

What is

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal (LHR) is an approach to remove undesirable body hair by the exposure to laser light pulses. The pulses released from the laser head will assist in damaging the hair matrix. Laser hair removal is widely applied and practiced in health care clinics, including homes using various IPL devices with the leading technology devices. It flashes highly concentrated light into the hair producing part in the skin, with the outcome of the pigment in the follicles absorbing the IPL light, thereby damaging or destroying the hair follicle.

Laser Hair Removal applies to all types of skin and skin colours. The laser beams are used to destroy unwanted hair from the upper and lower legs, upper lip and chin area, back, full and underarm, bikini – and Hollywood extended line, face, and other areas.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal include the following:

LHR or IPL is known for significantly slowing down the hair growth for long periods, not permanent hair loss (more reduction in hair growth). Initially, 8- 12 laser hair removal treatments are required for a good result, followed by maintenance treatment after the 12th treatment. Laser hair removal is extremely successful on light skinned and dark-haired clients. These are all factors that can contribute to the successful and active removal including hair colour and skin type.

The potential risk of damaging the skin is more astounding when the difference between the hair and skin colour is small, but the most recent development in technology has made way for these types of barriers.

Laser hair removal is effective to a much lesser extent for different hair colours that do not absorb light well but rather reflect the light (grey, red, blond and white). Regarding this factor there are fewer limitations of LHR.

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EpilFree is a professional (nonretail to customers) system which was developed in Europe. EpilFree comprises of taking two water-soluble liquids used in conjunction with waxing or another type of methods that removes the entire hair from its follicle from the root. This system is mainly used to eventually reduce and stop and retard the growth of hair in the areas that’s desired to be hair free.

EpilFree can be used on all areas of the body with their available three concentrated serums (facial, intimate care and body care). Each of the systems are specifically manufactured for different hair types, lengths and textures on specific body or facial areas.

This amazing permanent removal system is available at “Trivine Permanent Makeup” is performed by our trained professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

After the hair has been removed by waxing or epilation, and the hair follicle is open and free for absorption, the first water-soluble liquid is applied to the waxed area and rubbed into the skin in the opposite direction of the hair growth. A hair growth inhibitor serum, the second serum of the EpilFree system is then sprayed on the same area and massaged into the skin, again in the opposite angle of hair growth.

The system can be used safely on anyone especially highly sensitive clients, thin skinned or low heat tolerance client. Any hair / skin colour and hair type can be treated with EpilFree for the pure reason that this system isn’t targeting melanin in the hair follicle like most IPL or Diode laser hair removal systems do. The EpilFree works on the actual hair follicle, hair / skin colour isn’t a matter of concern.

Generally, EpilFree have a very high success rate, and it can take anything between 2-10 treatments to achieve desired outcome. Hormones does play a big role in hair growth and if there are hormonal issues involved, it can be more than 10 treatments. The EpilFree company claims are a noticeable difference should be visible after the very 1st treatment. After each EpilFree treatment one should continue to see visible reduction in the number of active hair follicles. This will turn out to be the result in the reduction of the amount of hair that returns in the treated area. The overall outcome of the EpilFree treatment will vary depending on the person giving the treatment and the client receiving the treatment.

The only discomfort is when the actual hair is being removed from waxing or by another method. The actual two-part system of products are actually quite relaxing.


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